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Fort Worth Symphony Musicians Ratify New Four Year Agreement

There's a good article in the 12/7/2016 edition of the Star-Telegram by Andrea Ahles that examines some of the key terms from the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's new four-year agreement. The most interesting part isn't so much the details as it is about the anonymous large donor. The article reports that a $700,000 donation became the carrot to get both sides out of entrenched positions. Regarding base musician salary, the gift covered enough of the distance between the sharp cuts proposed by the employer and the increases proposed by musicians. Consequently, this [...]
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“…how the call for artists to be more entrepreneurial can very quickly be leveraged to the detriment of the arts and culture community.”

Today’s title is an excerpt from Joe Patti’s 12/6/2016 blog post. It examines a recent decision by Kentucky Governor, Matt Bevin, to dismiss ¾ of the state art council to reconfigure its mission and focus. In short, Gov. Bevin wants the council to focus on what a press statement identified as a “focus on ensuring that Kentucky artisans have the skills and knowledge to develop and successfully sell their products.” Patti expresses concern over this direction because it places extraordinarily narrow guidelines on what it is to be an artist. Perhaps more […]

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Are Community Orchestra Programs The New Low Hanging Fruit?

There was an intriguing article by Mark Stryker in the 12/3/2016 edition of the Detroit Free Press that examines the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s community orchestra program. The article focuses primarily on the benefits related to buzzwords like outreach and relevancy but the really interesting aspect of these programs that doesn’t garner as much attention is the revenue potential. For the past decade, professional orchestras have discovered the financial benefits of running branded youth ensemble programs. For some, the revenue stream is large enough to make the effort a fundamental element of their […]

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Resource Tuesday: One Of The Best Free Tools You Can Use To Measure Page Speed

When it comes to webpage loading times, speed is everything and one of the most common bear traps you can stumble into is assuming your experience visiting the organization’s website is like everyone’s experience. Au contraire… Fortunately, there are a bevy of free tools you can use to get a realistic idea of page load speeds and I highlighted one in particular via a post at ArtsHacker yesterday: If the world of page load speed testing is new to you, no worries, you’ll also find a link to a fantastic five […]

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Fort Worth Symphony Reaches Tentative Deal And No Details From Pittsburgh Symphony

One day after a report that bargaining was stalled, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) announced it reached a tentative agreement. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), which had been mediating the negotiations, released a press statement on 12/04/2016 announcing the tentative deal. The musicians have scheduled a ratification meeting for Wednesday, 12/07/2016 but as of now, there is no work if the musicians’ negotiation team plans to recommend their colleagues accept or reject the offer. Likewise, no details about the tentative agreement’s terms have been released. The FWSO has cancelled […]

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